Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Fate or my Flaws?

This path grows more lonely
Each and every day.
I whisper aloud, "If only..."
Life just never went my way.
My footprints on the road still show
Every doubt and every stumble.
The wind whispers what I can't know.
Clouds above flash and rumble.
The trees hide so many fears
While the rain does what I am not able.
Raindrops fall where there should be tears.
Fitting symbol for this dwindling fable.

I look back on this life
and see all that I've lost.
Other people continued
on the roads I only crossed.
I'm left alone to walk and brood.

I can only glance back and ponder
Was it just this poor man's fate?
Is someone better over yonder?
Must I be content to wait?
Is it by Fate's thread I'm strung
Along this road I walk?
Or is it by my own faults I'm hung
Left swinging for all to mock?

Reluctantly, I trudge along.
Remembering less where I went right
And more where I went wrong.
Darkness enfolds me as dusk turns to night.

How far must I walk before
This black forest is left behind?
Regrets nip at my heels and eat at my core.
Will I find my light or be left blind?
Will she leave me like every other?
Or will she stay and be my lover?
The answers still refuse to come.
So I walk on until this body falls.
Finally, blissfully numb.

Author's Note: I'm finally back after... how many years has it been? As you can see, I'm starting back off with some amateur poetry. An attempt at some meaningful rhyming and a small glimpse into why I titled my blog the way I have. A Solitary Road still feels very fitting.

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