Monday, January 10, 2011

No Tears for the Weary.

I remain alone.
Safe in my fortress
I have built within.
I hear you.
You call out my name.
I turn away.
Facing toward my inner shadows.
Still you call my name.
I try to ignore you.
To push you from my thoughts.
Finally the voices cease.
Panic rises up from my depths.
"I don't want to be alone!"
No one answers.
Sorrow takes hold of my mind.
I wish I could cry.
I squeeze my eyes shut.
No tears fall.
"Why can't I cry?"
No one answers.
I feel the choking hands of sobs.
No tears fall.
"I just want to cry."
No words of comfort.
I scream my frustrations.
Anger takes the place of sorrow.
Fire burns in my chest.
No tears fall.
I beat my fists upon the ground.
My vision grows blurry.
No tears fall.
My breath becomes panting.
I fall back in exhaustion.
I gaze with cold eyes at the ceiling.
My safe fortress is now a prison.
I turn to my side on the cold stone.
No tears fall.
I am tired of it all.
I seek no light.
I seek no life.
My loneliness is my companion.
No tears fall.
I shut my eyes.
I whisper quietly for relief.
The night cradles me in her grasp.
I can feel sleep pulling me away.
I will have sleep without rest.
No tears fall.
The dreams take hold of me.
I am shown fleeting mercy.
Away from my sorrow.
Away from my loneliness.
Alone in my dreams.
I still wish for tears.
I know now relief will leave me.
Not one tear falls.

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