Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some actual ingenuity!

Today was an odd day, and one I'm rather proud of. I was at class, and we went on break. As usual, I went outside to socialize with my friend Ron while he smoked. While we're chatting another student from some other program comes up to us and asks if we could give him a jump. Ron carpools, so he couldn't help, but I right away told him, "Alright, let's go."

I bring my car over to his, pop the hood, and hop out to help. We hook the cables up to two rods and he tries to start his vehicle. Well, nothing really happens, so he comes back over, adjusts the cables and heads back to his car. Unfortunately, he had locked his doors on accident somehow.

We pow-wow for a few seconds before he hops on the phone to find someone that might still have his extra key. He had no luck finding anyone. Meanwhile, I'm digging in my trunk to find something to get the lock open. All I had was my ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size) decoration I found years back for Halloween. It happened to have a pose able tail, so I took my knife and cut off the covering around the wire. We grabbed a couple of my tools, pulled the rubber around his window away, and hit the unlock button with my make-shift hanger. I'm a frigging Macguyver! Hehe.

Anywho, we get the door open and he hops back in to try once again. Still no luck. We take a better look at the battery of my car, and realize, "Oh crap, that's not the bloody battery." Turns out it was just the fuse box. After searching for the elusive sucker, we pop the trunk and take a look in there. Ta da! Found the battery. I still think it's an odd spot for a Saturn. I get in my car to readjust the positioning and am surprised to find I had completely lost my power steering.

It wasn't too big of a deal because I had driven without power steering for years while I lived in Germany, but it was a bit surprising to say the least. We get his car going and then take a look at my fuse box. After I deciphered the silly schematic on the box cover, we figured out we accidentally blew both of the fuses. Being the nice fellow that he was, he drove off to get me replacements while I went back to class. I think nutrition is an incredibly boring class, so this incident fully worked out in my favor. I got my replacement fuses later on, and the whole story ended happily for all involved. I love my ROUS even more now. Anyone else have an odd story to share here?

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