Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo Game Poem: 2 (Sweet Memories)

Just a glance at her plate
Carries her mind away
To days of innocent play.
Her mouth waters below
Her twin, teary eyes.
A child's memories flow
To ensure she realize
Those days will not return
She's all grown up now
Few lessons left to learn.
With shaking hands she grasps
at both the treat and fleeting
innocence long passed.
Her mouth opens to take a bite.
A moan escapes from between her lips.
She closes her eyes to block the sight.
Her jaw only manages nibbles and nips.
She longs for those days now lost.
A simple wish to remain upon
that bridge she long ago crossed.
A touch on her cheek snaps her back.
A smile before her face reminds her
That as a child, she once did lack
This love she shares now
With this man beside her.
Together now, they share this snack.
Old memories return to a happy blur.

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